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March and on my birthday I might add, I was invited to present my last three published historical Australian pioneer books to the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. I was extremely flattered and encouraged by this most gracious and charming man's words when he said he would take my novels back to the Lodge as a fitting place to store books of Australian heritage.


April- arrived and I was soon on a tour and holiday in the Mediterranean on the Viking ship, Star. I discovered Captain Rudi loved reading about pioneering adventure stories and after I sent him a few novels, he sent me a signed photo along with his thank you. In the pipeline now, my novels are being considered for all the already extensive Viking vessel libraries.

May,June and July saw me over in the UK for a much needed rest and where I locked myself away in a beautiful little seaport in Devon.

You will be happy to know that I put the final touches to a feature screenplay called "The Ulster Soldier's Daughter".

I entered it into four international competitions and whalla! I earned four finalist laurels.

After a month back home renovating the beautiful home I share with my husband, I went back to school or rather, I went to the university of  Australian Film, Television & Radio

Studios for September, October & November. 



2017 has begun with "The Ulster Soldier's Daughter" feature screenplay REVIEW in InkTip Magazine , the GO TO magazine for script writers in the entertainment world.  

Dear Ms Joyce, Thank you all for the review! We loved your script, especially being locally written! Since we don't get many Aussie scriptwriters entering our comps we highly regard your creative writing talent Thank you and good luck with your scripts! Don't forget in the years to come to send us an invite to the premier when your script is turned into a blockbuster or when the film will get a Oscar nomination! :-) Thanks! FROM THE COLORTAPE iNTERNATIONAL TEAM


I have been asked to promote this year's COLORTAPE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and the best way for me is to contribute my new TV series. After my success with a screenplay last year, and  COLORTAPE'S tremendous effort to make it such a friendly and enjoyable experience, I am really looking forward to this year's Queensland event.


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I fell in love with TV Series writing over Xmas and though I have a hundred books still to write, my next year has already begun with a completed first episode of a six episode TV series called The Jane Factor.