SYNOPSIS: JANE - The Ulster Soldier’s Daughter -feature screenplay


Jane’s early childhood experiences of tragedies and triumphs in the 1860’s regimented and callous world of English army camps, prepares her for the challenges she will face in life.


She is determined to make a difference to the underprivileged widows and their children’s lives by passing on the knowledge learnt from her Ulster soldier father, John.  This teaching success with lower ranked families – against the army’s Rules of Conduct – now threatens John’s army career.


Later, as a spirited young woman, living in London – free from army regulations – Jane meets and marries Louis, who shares similar passions of music and education. However, Louis’ strong Germanic heritage soon clashes with Jane’s fierce independence, and when the family firm sends him to Australia unexpectedly, a severe rift develops between them.


With her young son, Jane reluctantly follows her husband over treacherous seas to salvage their marriage, although she is surprised by the presence of stowaway Henry Martin, a man from her past. Still at sea, Jane faces the struggle between the temptations of being drawn into an adoring admirer’s arms or returning to a married life of turmoil in a new and distant colony.


JANE – The Ulster Soldier’s Daughter is a feature drama script adapted from one of the true Australian Pioneer stories and books written by Carmel JOYCE.

Follow Jane Duncan’s true-life journey and her contribution to Australia as a pioneer, in the sequel screenplay script, THE JANE FACTOR.


SYNOPSIS: THE JANE FACTOR - feature screenplay 


Jane’s childhood experiences of tragedies and triumphs in English army camps, prepares her for the dramatic world of the 1880’s, and highlights a woman’s journey of courage and fortitude during Australia’s pioneering period.

From this setting, Jane evolves into a spirited young woman intent on improving the lives of women and children who did not have the advantages of her privileged upbringing.

Jane sees again deserted women and children who need help, reminiscent of visions during her childhood that stir her into action. She takes on the role of matron at the Destitute Women’s Home, which places her in danger by protecting one woman who feared her husband’s wrath.

Rejected by their families and society as falling from grace, Jane never loses sight of the gifts of an education. Taking in the young single mothers-to- be, she teaches them how to survive independently, and for when they will eventually leave the Home.

After the tragedy of her son’s and husband’s  untimely deaths, Jane continues to focus her energies and fighting spirit on changes in society for families, by  joining the growing tide of militant women through the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU).

Jane’s life story leaves more than memories when her adoption registrar reunites families, long after she is gone.


THE JANE FACTOR is a feature drama script adapted from one of the true Australian Pioneer stories and books written by Carmel JOYCE.

THE JANE FACTOR is the sequel to JANE – The Ulster Soldier’s Daughter, the first screenplay script of Jane’s earlier life in Britain.


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